Tips For Basement Remodeling

Typically utility areas such as the basement and the garage are usually neglected. Whether you are in Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens or Staten Island; a basement renovating job will add a significant amount of value to the home.

Other than the provided benefits, there are also advantages that makes basement redesigning a much more suitable project to undertake than adding on to the existing structure.

  • The isolated area poses fewer disturbances to the rest of the family.
  • Considering that the structure is there already, expenditures on building of the ceiling, wall surfaces and also flooring are cheaper.
  • With the energies like heating and cooling systems as well as services such as power and plumbing system found in the home, producing a living space from the basement is far less complicated than creating a new addition.

To produce a success from your basement remodeling job, there are particular essentials that you have to look into before you begin work on your finished basement.  If your basement exhibits signs of having been wet in the past, read our article on Wet Long Island Basements.


To make sure that whatever coating you desire for your basement remodeling task lasts for a long time, waterproofing is one critical step to take. In this area, the most typical problem consists of wetness and moisture, flooding, mold and mildews as well as fungi and all these ought to be removed completely before beginning construction. Based upon exactly what your present water issues are, waterproofing techniques can vary from merely coating the walls with water-tight vapor barrier to more expensive techniques such as repairing cracks in the walls or floor.

Basement Improvement Style

Designing a basement poses it’s own unique problems that must be overcome. The basement area which is primarily underground needs to be warm in the winter and cooler in the summer in order to make it into usable living space.

  • Ductwork for heating and cooling
  • Appliances such as furnaces, heat pumps, water heating system, dryer and washing machine, heater, and so on
  • Entry and exit issues

Though the rerouting of water pipes or overall remodelling of these basement is possible, construction can additionally be extremely complex and also pricey. The cost-efficient means to deal with problems is using your creativity in making the space livable however still giving accessibility to crucial services.

Your basement renovating layout must also ensure that there proper illumination, enough insulation, and also comfortable levels of heating, cooling and air flow. Including home windows or changing present windows with larger ones can optimize use of organic light, which will result in lower electric bills. The subterranean nature of the basement likewise makes it normally cozy in cold months and cooler in summer.

Basement Makeover Ideas.

Depending upon your household’s way of living as well as inclinations, the basement can be become almost any kind of room. There are many uses, taking into consideration the seclusion and also personal privacy that the space can provide. Several of most common basement renovating finishes includes: a bed room appropriate for your growing teen, home office, theater, music rehearsal space, den or game room, a playpen for kids, a workshop, crafts workshop, visitor bedroom, and also many others.

The Truth About Wet Long Island Basements

Any kind of residence that you have actually got could have a damp basement. Many Long Islasd homes have problems with their basements because of the sandy soil and the high water table.

Even if you purchase the property in an elegant location on Long Island in New York, water could find its way in from 2 main sources to flood your basement. Surface water from rain runoff is the first problem. The 2nd kind of water that could adversely impact your basement is groundwater.

Even if you have a water issue in your basement, that doesn’t imply that the basement will be wet on a regular basis. A home inspector will certainly know where to look to try to find evidence of a wet basement. The inspector may examine any kind of furniture resting on the basement floor. A wooden chair that rests on the basement floor showing no signs of water damage normally implies the basement doesn’t leak.

Basement Remodeling On Long Island

Among the most effective areas to try to find clues to water damage is on unfinished basement walls. Often they will give you hints as to an intermittent water problem when they show water spots or peeled off paint. Many times the wall will show a slight salt deposit at the “high water line” which indicates how high the water has risen. These are the kinds of things that your inspector will point out when they inspect your property.

It’s a smart idea to examine under water tanks, hot water heaters and furnaces because they are a primary source of leaking water. Look for water spots or rust under the water tanks, heating systems as well as hot water heating units, behind the laundry machines, as well as under carpets and inside cabinets. Bear in mind, there’s a distinction between the water left on the floor from a dripping humidifier and the wall surfaces.

Your home inspector may easily spot cracks in the basement floor. Commonly, these are due to water on the basement floor and do not impact the structural integrity and safety of the house.

More often than not, the source of water in the basement is caused by surface water making its way into the basement.  As we all know, basements that get wet over and over again are prime breading grounds for mold and odor that can multiply quickly in a moist environment.

Mold inspection companies located on Long Island that can help find and eliminate mold and water damage that occurs in wet basements. Many homeowners want to check to see if mold exists in their basements without the expense of professionals. offers Mold Detection Test Kits that can help do-it-yourselfers quickly determine if mold is a problem in their homes.